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Well, almost August, and the one post saying "its not ready yet" on the Mongoose boards got deleted after a flame fest from fans.

In theory, this months S&P will lay out the release schedule and the game. No word at all on a launch other then that.

The poll on the mongoose forum asking if they would make the release date was over 90% "No".

Not a lot of confidence Mongooose is going to pull this off. Judging by the numbers checking this and the offical forum, it looks like most people are like me and getting sick of waiting.

Chances are dropping rapidly I'll be playing the game (I got burned hard on the suspension), but I won't rule it out until I see the rules, should that happen in the next couple of months.

I'll be happy to turn the file over to someone else should a game ever appear and I'm not playing it.
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