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Originally Posted by Illyahr View Post
Ok, I give up. Missing class abilities, mistaken class abilities, screwy coding, and the powers aren't given the functionality that spells are so there needs to be a version of each power for each class that uses it.

Without being able to get to the actual file, I can't fix the classes. Without a consolidated format like spells have, remaking all the powers for each class would take too long.

Sorry guys. I gave it a shot.
Sorry, man. I know Psionics needs a complete overhaul. Unfortunately, there's just no one doing anything for d20 core anymore it seems. Shadow was nice enough to give us a ton of updates to the system, but his time seems taken up with Pathfinder now. Perhaps I'll take a crack at it some time, but as you said it's a time sink and there are plenty of other things that need to be done as well.
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