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Yes, I know it is a rather complex topic, so I am hoping only for an approximating solution to be integrated someday.

My current work-around tool does do just that (from minute 6:00 onwards):

Originally Posted by Greebo View Post
It does almost all I want. But the tool
  • exists outside of RW, so that I still cannot use the date snippets etc.
  • needs a work-around to simulate different worlds with a common calendar (i.e. I set up the planet we play on and its moon as additional moons (of the campaigns homeworld, where the calendar system in use was developed), so that I can at least track the beginn of seasons and the moon phases (on the planet, where most of the atcual action takes place) ).

Hopefully, when the Custom Calendar feature finally arrives, it will work somewhat like this, including the settings for sunrise and sunset (on a variety of worlds) and weather.

And, I do not expect it to be integrated all at once, if those features ever get integrated at all.

But it is incredibly usefull dealing with spot/observe test modificators, nocturnal creatures, magic cycles, tracking of seasons (e.g. on different worlds) and the like.

And, this is the feature request / wish section, after all.

Supporting Calendar Campaigner

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