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Hello All,

I am in the process of trying to move my game from Roll20 (which seems crazily dysfunctional) to the (much more smoothly operating) Fantasy Grounds Classic VTT. As I have a lot already invested in HeroLab, I am not in a hurry to respend all that money to have all the same functionality on a VTT, though I know I will have to rebuy the AP data set AGAIN (physical and then TWO digital versions) in order to run it there.

The problem I am having is - I have exported files as HLFG and XML (per the YouTube videos for how to import from HL to FG), run the FG Converter, and then gone to the Character section - but nothing is showing up!

I asked on the FG College Discord and someone had the same situation with the files I am using (that came from the export option in HeroLab). Something is up.

Any suggestions? I don't want to rebuy all the data packages on FG that I already own on HeroLab, but DO want to play on FG. Some of the characters have Archetypes and Feats that I own on HeroLab that I would have to repurchase for FG in order to use, so I'm stuck.

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