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The Witch-king of Angmar is a Hero of Legend in Angmar and Mordor lists, but a Hero of Valour in Barad-dr lists. Please double check, and if it seems incorrect, clarify which list you took him from.

As for 12 Warriors, do you mean that you could only add 12 Warriors total in a Warband, or that you could only increment a particular Warrior type up to 12?

If you could only add 12 Warriors total for a Hero of Valour or Hero of Legend, that would be wrong, so please clarify which Hero from which list, and which Warriors you tried.

If you meant that you could only go up to 12 Warriors for a particular unit, that's probably just a unit or two where the the unit-specific limit hasn't been increased. Please clarify which Warrior(s) you saw with that issue.
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