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Originally Posted by Bidmaron View Post
Hey, a lot bigger software companies than LWD have grossly missed release targets before. In fact those that make targets most often just redefine what was supposed to be in the release anyway.

If you insist in leaving, look at the Keep from NBOS software. It is a HUGE step down, though, and there is no content market.

It is kind of difficult to imagine that you are leaving because LWD didn't meet their target dates and are willing to explore alternatives that will likely NEVER have what you are looking for, but, hey, whatever....
And that's because Rob really is passionate about his work, as evidenced by his working from his sick bed, against his doctor's orders, I'm sure. (Get some rest, Rob!)

Aside from a professional database, I have honestly never seen a product as well-featured and as flexible as Realm Works.

You can ask anyone here how much of a critic I was about how deadlines were always missed before its initial release. But once it was, and once I saw it ... WOW.

My only hold out after that was printing. Still, I did use it to run RotL. We never got all the way through it, because life happens (not because of any shortcomings of RW), but it helped me keep track of things, and if we ever go back, I know right where we left off ... and I can recap for the party ... because of Realm Works.
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