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The Content Market is so close I couldn't imagine jumping ship now. In this situation to get angry would be simply inhumane. They provided a date that they were confident to hit and then the primary developer ended up in hospital with an unexpected issue. He's still in recovery and yet throughout that whole process he was logged on for ridiculous hours coding to ensure he could deliver on the promises as soon as possible.

Sorry mate I will not personally hold that against LWD. It's a small company who could not have possible just powered on without Rob.

If you must go then that is your choice. I have personally tried and it has next to nothing on Realm Works. The only feature superior to RW IMO is the circle relationship view that they have. It works well but only provides a high level summary of the things you click meaning you have to put more work in to read the actual content than the same feature in RW does.

As a BETA tester I have seen the content. I can tell you that it is amazing. I know exactly what we are all about to get and it is going to save some serious time for alot of us. By the time you get your first few sections entered into Scabard we will be downloading it in mere moments.

I've tried all the campaign managers I can find. Realm Works is the most mature product with the most robust list of features.

Good luck out there. Look forward to seeing you again in the future.

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