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Due to my love for Hero Lap, I decided to buy Realm Works because I was going to GM for the first time (Rise of the Runelords). But because of the delay from Real Works...where they kept releasing dates with what seems some confidence only to never follow through, I kept pushing of the start date of our new game. I am glad I held off asking the players to buy a copy, because I am going to jump ship. Its sad that the company of my favorite software has been responsible for such a failure in promises and communication. So, I understand things can get behind, but you shouldn't give dates if you are that far behind schedule. If your customer's can't trust you, how long do you expect to keep them?

Anyone else jump ship, and if so what have you gone to? I just bought to try it out, but open to suggestions. (I know they don't provide a Content market either, but they don't keep promising to give you one... and would rather use something where I know what I am getting instead of a bunch of empty promises.)
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