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You could choose to make an entry for "Generictown Guard" in the "Individual" category, and associate that with an organization entry for "Generictown Watch" or similar (which is part of what Chemlak is suggesting).

You would not have to, unless you wanted encounters or places where "Generictown Guard" entries are found to automatically link to the Individual entry for them. If they are not important enough for that, there's no reason to add an Individual entry for them. That's a judgment call based on the specific needs of your adventure or campaign.

Creating an entry for what I call "stock characters" (such as random street thieves, generic city guards, etc.) is just as easy as entering data for a specific individual; easier, in that you probably will not bother with adding things that are specific to one individual.

As for the creatures, the base product does not have a "Bestiary" per se, but you can define an article type to serve as the basis for building one. It is likely that publishers will be providing purchasable data packages with Bestiaries (or equivalent) among them. I am personally waiting to see what those turn out to be prior to entering creatures of my own, so I can use the format of the rules set I play with.
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