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i try to code a custom system and have a question, I didn't find the correct solution yet. Maybe it's only a syntax problem.

I have a Fighter class: ctyKampfer.
I have an 2 level for Fighter: ChTypSt.cttKampf2.
I have a ability "Trained with all weapons": sfcTrAlWaK

sfcTrAlWaK is bootstrapped by ctyKampfer. This works fine.

Now I wish the following:
sfcTrAlWaK should only be bootstrapped, when ChTypSt.cttKampf2 is assigned.

I tried to add a condition for sfcTrAlWaK:
In the setup phase with priority: 100


Now the "Trained with all weapons" ability disppeares, if ChTypSt.cttKampf2 is assigned or not.

What is wrong?

EDIT: A (hero.tagis[ChTypStu.Stufe2] <> 0) makes a syntax or "hero.tagis" not defined error.
I searched in the wiki, but i did'nt find a solution.

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