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Alrighty then. For one thing, i just want to thank all of those who have aided me thus far. i know it must be sorta frustrating that i am asking simple questions and taking away from your valuable time, but i do appreciate it dearly.

third and final thing, i am having issues with some Magic Items. I decided to go with the Pieces of Eden after all, and i tried making the Ring. It will grant a +1 bonus to AC like a Ring of Protection but it also holds 3 charges and 1 charge to cast the Arcane Shield Spell. i got most of it in, but the Spell is not showing up like other magical items do and i'm not sure where i went wrong. here is the code i have so far. maybe one of you can aid me.

<thing id="irGAYRingofEden" name="Ring of Eden" description="You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while wearing this ring.\n\nThis Ring is an ancient device made with unknown technology. It actually provides not only the Armor Class bonus but can activate an Arcane Shield at Will for 1 charge. It holds 3 charges and regains 1d3 spent charges at dawn each day." compset="Ring" uniqueness="unique">
<fieldval field="trkMax" value="3"/>
<usesource source="OrdoRosera"/>
<tag group="Helper" tag="NeedAttune"/>
<tag group="ProductId" tag="OrdoRosera"/>
<tag group="ItemRarity" tag="Legendary"/>
<tag group="Usage" tag="Day"/>
<tag group="abAction" tag="Action"/>
<bootstrap thing="sp5CLSArSh">
<autotag group="Helper" tag="ItemSpell"/>
<autotag group="Usage" tag="5CUse"/>
<assignval field="trkMax" value="1"/>
<eval phase="PreLevel" priority="5000">
doneif (field[gIsEquip].value = 0)
doneif (field[gIsAttuned].value = 0)

hero.child[ArmorClass].field[Bonus].value += 1
hero.child[svAll].field[Bonus].value += 1</eval>

As far as the Ring issue, i have a few more magic rings that have spells and the same exact issue, so fixing one might fix the other 2.

Anyway, thanks again for aid and have a wonderful day.
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