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Usually a lot of questions when you get started, everyone goes through it. Some of your questions are probably answered if you search the forums a bit, the Pathfinder forums usually have similar code that their answer will be pretty close.

As far as deities go.

1. Did you create your Pantheon header?

If you didn't, do a copy and search for the word pantheon. You'll get a pantheon header like "{bmp npcclass} Greyhawk Pantheon {bmp npcclass}". Change the word Greyhawk to whatever you need it to be. Scroll down to where you created the deity category you mentioned earlier. Make sure your pantheon header has the category you created. MOST IMPORTANT, look at the Deity Category Order Group # - if you didn't change this from the default 0, you might want to choose a number, probably over 20 to avoid conflicts with the existing pantheons.

2. Do your dieties that are now in the same category as your header have the same Diety Category Order Group number? You may need to visit the deities and give them the new number.

They should all have to have the same number as the header.

So, three things have to match in order for deities to show up right.
1. All deities share the Deity Category tag you created under the button.
2. and share the same Deity Category Order Group number.
3. If you have a pantheon header, you have to have at least 1 god with the same tags from 1 and 2 above before the pantheon header will show up.

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