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Originally Posted by Farling View Post
With a larger amount of text allowed in the label, and aligning all labeled text, you could end up with half the screen not being used because of one long label.
But you would not be bound to use all the max size of that field.
The user could choose, if in a particular case it's ok to have very long label, he can do it, and in other case he simply will not put a very long label in that field

Furthermore, now it's really small, doubling it will allow for good labels without the risk to have too big ones.

The problem is even more evident for tags boxes,now if you have a multiple tag field, you are almost always constrained to abbreviations, and often if you have 3 or more tags in it, they are even more reduced.
And this leaving on the right of the tag box a huge text field that it's almost alweys empty.
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