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Originally Posted by Merion View Post

Game (K)night, I like it!
Also like the idea itself. Detaching the Player View into its own product. You could have a lite version that is basically the Player View as we know it and a full featured standalone version that has a deep integration with Realm Works.
So a repackage of yet another promise we sold our players on years ago... "the Player's Edition" that has since died on the vine nearly as fast as it was sold...
Like others have mentioned to varying degree... LWD resources is haphazard at best. The program(s) "could be" ...would be... far better if we can get out of the Labrea Tarpit known as the Content Market, and provide the other tools essential to campaign management from both the DM and Player sides...

PC Journals that actually integrate with the aforementioned calendars
Customizable tokens for maps
Reveals that don't force you to display the file names..
The list goes on and on..

and I am preaching to the choir since we all at one point or another have voiced all of these....

Right now Realm Works is an over glorified electronic file cabinet loosely crossed with a wiki page.

Time for the T-Rex to either emerge from the pit or sink into obscurity.

And for reasoning I can't even fathom let alone put to words, I continue to "hope" the potential of the carnivore still becomes the meat in comparison to the potatoes.....

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