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Originally Posted by Merion View Post

Alright, let me try to clarify: I do not want them to set another big goal like "Let's make RW a VTT!" and pour everything into that. I don't want another content market...

But they seem to be working on bug fixes and feature improvements for RW again - or at least they are communicating them again. So why not put some feature on that list that are improvements right away and also prepare for a future where a more VTT-like behavior is wished or a comercial necessity. Also I just see great possibilities and synergies now that the HL character information is online - just as our realm are.
1. Because, as you said, it would stress the team.
2. That's not what the software was designed to do. It's not designed for RT play. I don't know if that's an easy change. It might require a ground-up redesign. It all depends on how the software is engineered.
3. It runs the risk of bloating the software. When you take something that's designed to do X and not Y, then you try to make it do Y after the fact, you're likely looking at a lot of patchwork code. It risks bogging down the software.

I would rather see a separate VTT project with integration options. Then you can have a suite of products. A trifecta. Character management with Hero Lab, campaign management with RW, and VTT with ... ummm ... Game Knight! (No? Too much? How about ... ummm ... Cat Herding? Too on the nose, perhaps. Orc Quest Rations? Hey ... put down that pitchfork!)
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