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Originally Posted by Toblakai View Post
Maybe get a new ISP? I have comcast and the only time the internet goes out is when the power goes out. The last time comcast was down was when we had a big wind storm and the power was out for 7 days also. Guess what? Comcast was back up in 2 days. (had a generator so got to watch tv in a dark cold house).

I also travel a lot, and yes internet can be slow, but I can't say that I have ever played from my hotel room. But the bandwidth would still have been more than enough for HLO.
The comment wasn't only about your local ISP, it was also about the other networks between your local device hosting the web browser and the HLO service running on a machine somewhere in the cloud (including availability of the server itself).

VTTs need the internet, because they are usually connecting people spread around the world. A character generator/manager for my character doesn't need to talk to other computers (except for that special space situation with a shared space ship in that particular game system).


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