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Originally Posted by qcgreywolf View Post
I am an avid embracer of new technologies. Having said that, as the DM I simply cannot afford to sit down at a table with 4-6 faces staring at me and having to say "Sorry, we can't play our Pen and Paper game tonight, because *one of 50 random reasons the internet went down*."
Maybe get a new ISP? I have comcast and the only time the internet goes out is when the power goes out. The last time comcast was down was when we had a big wind storm and the power was out for 7 days also. Guess what? Comcast was back up in 2 days. (had a generator so got to watch tv in a dark cold house).

I also travel a lot, and yes internet can be slow, but I can't say that I have ever played from my hotel room. But the bandwidth would still have been more than enough for HLO.
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