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I am an avid embracer of new technologies. Having said that, as the DM I simply cannot afford to sit down at a table with 4-6 faces staring at me and having to say "Sorry, we can't play our Pen and Paper game tonight, because *one of 50 random reasons the internet went down*."

I mean, I could just wing stuff, I've done it for years. But what's the point of using a product to do hours of planning if you can't access it when you need it. I travel a LOT for my job, and being without internet is not an uncommon situation. Even with 2 iPhones(one ATT and one Verizon), an iPad and staying at hotels (ugh... hotel internet....).

I am not late to parties or gatherings. I am early to work. I demand that my software works when "I" need it to work. No excuses.
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