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Originally Posted by charlieluce View Post
It's another aspect of the general "cut and paste" issue that has come up many times, but isn't something that Hero Lab is designed to support.

I wonder if it would be easier to do some sort of "export to user content" that could then be incorporated in the editor than to try and do a true cut and paste?
Okay, I'll bite and help take this thread further afield.

I've found that if you're just doing your character background or a journal entry to chronical what happened in the game, writing it up in a Word doc has worked for me in the past.

This also allows you to make it one big Word document composed of different portions (to represent different points of view, secret information known only to a single character or a few charaters but not the entire team, etc.) and these can then be selectively cut outside HL & pasted into HL in the appropriate spot for each character.

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