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Originally Posted by Lord View Post
...Why cant there be an option to make an equipment just like a power ? Use it with all the powers options, let us name it as the equipment we want (AK47, UZI, Mod AK 47 ...)
Umm, just my two cents worth but I think you're touching upon a "design philosophy" aspect of M&M's game mechanics.

Regular, came-from-a-factory-and-is-used-by-non-superpowered-people, mundane equipment is cheap because it doesn't have all the frills. In the majority of cases, equipment isn't as effective as an alien/mutant's straight-up energy blast power.

To have a "super-duper" special kind of gun, I believe M&M's philosphy is for the player to buy the power(s) possesed by the weapon, along with any associated power extras & power feats, as a Device which you can then name M-16, AK-47, man-portable howitzer, etc.

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