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Originally Posted by flyteach View Post
Rob, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Sure a LOT of users want shiny the first day. But aren't there a LOT MORE users who want stability during the biggest game convention of the year and not having a session interrupted? Are you saying that the majority of your customer base has already purchased APG?
Your argument assumes that ALL of our users will use HLO over the GenCon weekend, which is not correct. If the focus is instead on the portion of our users that are actually using HLO over the GenCon weekend, then the answer to your second question may actually be yes. I don't have exact numbers, so I can't say that as an absolute.

The bigger factor to consider is that a large contingent of our users consider it a huge selling point of Hero Lab to always have access to the latest shiny bits the day they get released by the publisher. To them, if we didn't have the new books available the day they become available, then they would view HLO as "not usable" for the ENTIRE GenCon weekend. Which is a whole different calculus compared to a 5-minute outage once in a 24-hour period to deploy a hotfix.

So this is definitely a no-win situation. And we will continue releasing the books on the publisher street dates for the reasons above.

Hopefully, by next GenCon (ideally PaizoCon), we'll have the transparent server transition solution in place, and this will be a non-concern. Everyone will get the books they want on the street date, and there will be no service interruptions for anyone. <fingers crossed>
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