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Originally Posted by flyteach View Post
I'll also suggest that the system stabilize for the week of a premium convention. It would certainly prevent last minute changes, especially during the final battle. While it's nice for a few to have nice shiny things on day 1, the rest of us have to contend with the fallout of any issues, usually manifesting in several outages over the past couple of years.
The problem is that we can't release the books until their "street date". And we don't receive the books from the publishers far enough in advance to be able to get them finished in advance. And even if we did get them far enough in advance, we're gonna overlook something in all of our testing that will be uncovered by actual users.

Given that a LOT users want the nice shiny things the day it's released, it's a no-win situation for us when the book launches in the middle of a big show (e.g. PaizoCon or GenCon).
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