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I don't play Pathfinder, BUT I DO use some of their adventures (slightly modified). I've done this sort of thing for over 30 years - taken adventures, NPCs, artwork, maps, etc, from other game systems and adapted them for the game system I am currently using.

Often, I have found that the one thing most lacking in many game systems is adventures and similar material. But if I can snag a Pathfinder, D&D, Warhammer or other adventure and tweak it just enough to fit the system I am using, I'm golden!

What this boils dow to is this - by starting with adventures, and building from there, you cater not just to the Pathfinder folks, but also to people who don't play Pathfinder, or even D&D. You will get people who play all sorts of game systems purchasing the material and adapting it to their own games. This is a big win, because I am sure that after all of this time and all of these delays, Lone Wolf is chomping at the bit to see some cash flow!

Oh, and on a personal note - I want the Grand Temple of Jing as soon as possible! I have plans for that place! Bwahahaha!

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