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Originally Posted by daplunk View Post
How will RW > HL integration be handled in situations where the *.user file has not been released to the user?

I know we can embed portfolios in RW but they still require the underlying *.user file to pre-exist in Hero Lab in order for the content to work.

Lets say a new monster book is released via RW. Does that then come with the HL user file? Will installation be possible on HL for the purchased content within RW?
Those are two different products with two different stores. So You would have to buy the product on both, or the 3PP doing the release would have to make both available I would think.

For my take, if I decided to share out my Daede campaign, it would include the Daede.user file I have created to support the campaign in HL. But I am not a publisher for money on it, it would be just a dude sharing his work for others to use if they so desired.

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