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Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
Good question. That then naturally leads into the thought that if this starts to happen than we could end up with dozens of Pathfinder SRD by different community members. Unlike a wiki no way to work cooperatively "yet" on a single realm.

That seems like both a good and bad thing.
I imagine the differentiation would be along the lines of whose organization scheme is considered better, or at least more compatible with the buyer's style of play. It would likely lead to some very specialized packages... Core + PFS changes vs. Core + all non-world-specific books vs just Feats, Skills, Classes, etc. from all books... and so on,

LoneWolf, as licensors, could use the actual artwork from the books, which would be one differentiator for them. And some folks just feel better with the "official" version.. so that's another. PFS acceptance of an "official" Realm is unlikely, given that (as I understand) printed copies of PDF pages are required now (and the PDF itself is not accepted)... though that could change, I suppose.

If the re-packaging of Open Content is to be expected, then I would think that pushes the importance of the closed content... the Adventure text and the World-specific setting content... to the front of the priority list for LoneWolf.
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