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Originally Posted by Galymyr View Post
I'm going to have to go with the campaign setting. Admittedly I'm very very new to Realm Works but I'm not seeing the value in having the core Rulebooms in RW. I thought RW was supposed to help me manage the intricacies of the game world and all the interactions happening. How does having access to initiative rules in RW help me at all? Am I missing something really awesome about RW?
I think most people want things like Classes, Races, Feats, and such.. not so much Cover, Concealment, Initiative, etc. (although I did enter those in my Rise of the Runelords Realm).

And that, I suppose, exposes another slice of the question.. if you want Rules, do you want ALL Rules, or just selectable things like Classes, Races, and Feats?
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