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Each skill costs what you are going to +1.
Buying a new skills costs 1, as you are going to a 0.
going to a 1 costs 2, 2 costs 3, and so on.
I see in the advance component where it is setting the resource picks resSpent, but I've no idea where to set advCost, which itself is static, but that is easy to change.
I thought I would put code in the advance component replacing the use of advCost but when I try to access the pick that has been selected it gives me values that are the default. I tried changing the timing of when the script is run but still get default values.
I'm thinking something needs to set advCost but I'm not sure where or how to do so.
What's worse there are three pools of points that are used in advancement not 1. Different things are increase from different pools.

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