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Originally Posted by thebutcher
Those reserved items are being linked directly to the character instead of being only "viewable" to the character and "linked" to everyone.
If it could help you, I develop the linkage for magical items for french Confrontation files this way :
-1 Linkset whith all common items
-1 Linkset per race with all items only the characters of that race can access and items reserved for 1 character of that race.

Then, you wont have to remove your linkset, and create hundreds of new links, just cut the linkset by race. Then, you will have only ~50 links by characters instead of more than 200. I had the same problem when I translate my files from AB2 to AB3.

For spells/familiars options, I recomand you to add a space as text cost to avoid the 0 cost displayed for theses options. And you may use the same behavior for miracle than for the spells. It will decrease the number of link too, and will avoid you to create a new link each time for new miracles.

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