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Big Name Rotten Jaw is listed as 30 points it should be 25

Magical Armor: Mammoth-Hide Armor is listed as 35 points it should be 30

Magical Standards: Skull of Qenghet is listed as 20 points it should be 10

Khan and Great Khan are no longer able to buy a single Ogre Pistol. They may however buy a Brace of Ogre Pistols or a Ogre Crossbow for 5 points.

Mammoth Hunter under mount options: The cost of a Tusker has changed it is listed as 60 but it should be 40 points.

Mercenary Veterans weapons should now be listed as follows: Paired Weapons 3/model, Brace of Ogre Pistols 5/model, Halberd 7/model, Great Weapon 7/model, and Iron Fist 10/model

Tusker Cavalry options should now be listed as follows: Heavy Armor 7/model, Great Weapon 8/model, and Iron Fist 12/model
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