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Under Mammoth Hunter the point cost to be mounted on a Aurochs is listed as 250 the point cost should be 215

Mammoth Hunters my purchase a Lance for 10 points

Scraplings base unit is listed as 10 man unit it should be 15

Scraplings do not have the unit upgrade Scrapling Foreman as a champion option

Mercenary Veterans special rule "been there done that" has changed it should now be listed as follows: Immune to psychology, Poisoned Attacks, Bodyguard, Lethal Strike, Swiftstride, Vanguard, Thunderous Charge, Armor Piercing (1), Weapon Master, +1 Ballistic Skill

Mercenary Veterans may only choose 1 weapon unless weapon master is chosen as a "been there done that" option

Rock Aurochs is listed as 250 points it should be 240

Frost Mammoth is listed as 200 points it should be 190

Great Shaman listed as 245 it should be 235

Great Shaman weapon options are:
Great Weapon: 12 points
Iron Fist: 8 points

Arcane Item: Deamon Heart point listed as 50 points it should be 25

Great Khan: Range Weapon choices (choose one)
Brace of Ogre Pistols: 5 points
Ogre Crossbow: 5 points
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