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Release Notes

All links within web pages will now contain additional information in their tooltip, gleaned from the first section of the linked topic.

Map pin tooltips will auto-populate from the linked topic if they aren't already defined to have some contents and/or gm-directions.

There is now a dialog box in which you can specify your own map pin format, just in case you don't like the default format.

The tooltip on pins on smart images now displays the name, description and GM directions in one nice simple layout.

Display pins on smart images; this will help locate where you have to click to follow the link.
Also display the pin's name as a tooltip when you hover over a pin - at the moment this is limited to plain text, so lots of fancy formatting might look a little wierd.
This only works with the "Create HTML file(s)" output option.

Initial support for generating PDF documents and for printing.
Some RWOUTPUT files might just lock the tool up forever, rather than completing the conversion.

The 64-bit installation should now work properly.
(The correct version of quazip.dll is now provided in the installation program.)

Update the tool to use Qt 5.12.0 and MinGW 64-bit (i.e. it is now a 64-bit program).
This is a permanent change, and should allow any size of realm to be exported to HTML.
Generates error 0x000007b when trying to start.)

Provide a simple bar of the bottom of each HTML5 page providing Prev/Next/Up/Top navigation buttons.

Register to open from RWOUTPUT files, not RWEXPORT files.
Disable the PDF and PRINT buttons since they don't appear to work.
Slight speed improvements.

You can now click on a file in Windows Explorer and open the file with the Realm Works Output Formatter. You should find it available in "open with" -> "Choose Another App".

Provide more output options.
- if a single HTML file is requested then each topic will be marked to be printed on a separate page, so if you load the HTML into Word (or print it) then you will have a nice page per topic.
- PRINT is currently a better method of generating a PDF (by choosing the windows 10 "print to pdf" printer) than using the PDF button.

This include early prototyping of PDF generation directly from the tool.
The maximum size of images can also be specified; with the picture being scaled down to not exceed the requested width.
Both the PDF and the PRINT options go via a subset of HTML4, so there is an output choice for HTML4 as well.
Memory should be managed better, so less likely to crash with large realms (2000 topics uses up around 777MB of RAM).

Put all assets inline inside the HTML file instead of storing in separate files.
Add some experimental code for generating multiple HTML pages using multiple threads.
Ensure the quazip.dll and zlib1.dll are always put into the installation executable.

Stat Blocks are now provided in-line in the HTML output.
Both Hero Lab portfolio files and Realm Works Statblock snippets are used to extract this information.
To do this work means that we now also use the ZLIB and QUAZIP open source libraries.

A global collapse/expand button now appears at the top of the navigation pane of the index page.
Each topic ends with a "Child Topics" section which links to the direct children of the topic.
Topic aliases are placed immediately below the topic title.
Provide additional export information as meta items in the head of the main page.
Replace individual style definitions with reference to a locally created CSS style (called rwStyleX), but keep the Realm Works snippet styles (Read_Aloud, Callout, Flavor, Handout) as named classes.

Re-instate the option to put everything into a single file.
When putting everything into a single file, put the theme.css inline into the same file.
Fix the CSS so that section numbering works properly again.

Entries in the contents list are ordered alphabetically within each category.
You can now choose to have a navigation pane on each topic page (placed on the left by default).

The index page now arranges top-level topics under their appropriate category.
Both categories and topics with children can now be collapsed to hide their children (this doesn't work on Edge because Edge doesn't support full HTML5 - search for <details> and <summary> support).
The tool will always generate separate topic files.
The version number of the application is displayed in the bottom status bar when first started.
The installer has been changed to NSIS - the end result is that the file is smaller and the version more reliable.
This version returns to being a 32-bit application, since the loading of the RWoutput file has been optimised (the 900MB file will only take up 900MB of memory instead of 1900MB).

The parsing of all the formatting in snippets should now work properly.

This version is 64-bit only (it uses the microsoft compiler) to allow for converting MASSIVE RWoutput files (like 900 MB size!)
There is a slight change to the detection of snippet text so that more embedded formatting is converted successfully (although some tables are still causing problems).

Topic prefix and suffix added to topic title (configurable via CSS).
Add a title to each pin on a smart image.
Add numbering of sections within a topic (via CSS).
Calculate smart image mask properly.
Improve formatting of the summary page.
Fix low-level handling of HTML inside snippets.
Convert output to be XHTML instead of just HTML.

GM snippets now have their own CSS style, and they look like the GM snippets in Realm Works.
External links are now put into the output properly (previously the rest of the snippet was truncated).

Read all <p> that appear inside a snippet instead of only the first.
Simplify the HTML output by removing the individual spans (unless they involve style changes).
Provide an option as to whether smart images should have the reveal mask displayed, or not.
Create new "snippetLabel" class for CSS.
Prepend "GM" as a snippetLabel of GM snippets.
Change CSS to use class instead of style definitions: every topic title has a class of topic; every section has a class of sectionX; each level of summary has a class of summaryX
Update the GUI to be more logical.

Smart Images now have their reveal mask applied to the final image.
Smart Images also have their pins mapped to links - there is no PIN drawn on the map, but the link is present (in the Firefox web browser the mouse cursor changes to a hand when hovering over a link).

Most snippet types are now converted into HTML.
Where required, separate files will be generated from the external objects, herolab portfolio files, or any other sort of object which isn't a simple picture or smart image.

The HTML output can be saved in separate files, one topic per file.
A summary sheet (index.html) is produced which lists all the topics in their containing hierarchy.
A CSS style sheet (theme.css) is also created (this file is overwritten each time the output is performed into the same directory).
There is also an option to reduce the size of images - it uses a binary scaling, so the image will be 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 original size, depending on which fraction is required to get the image under the chosen limit.

The HTML output has been re-written to be more efficient.
Acenoid's realm now loads (93MB) and saves as an HTML file (73MB) without error.
Status reports during loading and saving of files has been added to the main window.
There's still plenty of progress to go in many ways, but this provides the core implementation on which to build.

The initial release converts an RWoutput file into a single HTML document.
Any images in the RWoutput data will be converted into inline images.
Any internal realm links that exist in the RWoutput data will be converted into HTML links.
The topic and section headers will be converted into the relevant nested HTML header tag.
The HTML file can be loaded into a conventional web browser, or could be loaded into Word (or any other text editor) in order to further refine the output's contents.
Printing is possible from within a web browser, although later versions will provide more formatting options.


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