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Old April 28th, 2001, 04:00 PM
> >There was a story on The Miniatures Page this morning that xB9 has shut
> >doors and all intellectual property goes to Aaron. I have no idea about
> >the accuracy of this statement, as it said they'll be shutting their
> >_March_ 1. You'd think we'd have heard of this by now if it happend over
> >weeks ago.

That may explain why there are not games listed in the Origins book for
Shockforce. I walked up and played last year, not knowing the rules or
anything, and won the tournament. I owned the game, but never really got
into it until that night with the 'demo'. I would be sad to think they are
gone but it seems with the Legions of Steel items, there would be a better
following (not that I like that kind of thing, but hey - that's me.)

You don't happen to have Aaron's e-mail address handy for the datafiles
do you?

Scott Spieker
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