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Originally Posted by flawlesscowboy View Post
Yes, that's exactly what I did which obviously means this is how it was intended. I wasn't sure how to note that I wanted to prepare (spell) (number of times) except to add it more than once. Did I miss an annotation or something I could manipulate in the program itself?
Nope this is how currently d20 works. NOT Hero Lab but d20 works this way.

Originally Posted by flawlesscowboy View Post
It's also entirely possible that I'm not doing this in the "intended" way either since I've only been playing for a little over a year and before this my character sheets would get... Messy. If there's a different method most people would use to denote have multiple copies of the same spell prepared I don't know about it!
Nothing wrong with what your doing other than expecting paper to "look" totally different than the windows UI. If you added the spell twice in the HL software and you see it "twice" in the software why would you want the paper to look different?

I guess my statement makes more sense when you realize most people use HL software at the game table and don't use "paper" anymore. In addition for the 'most' part its meant that what you see in the software is the same as what gets printed.

The d20 game system is very out of date making use of new features of the HL software.

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