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This one is going to be totally pie in the sky and probably way down on anyones priority list, but it's been my go-to for everything lately... I'd like an output format direct from HL into the Fantasy Grounds character format. I know I can always just use the stat-block forma with the NPC extension to pull a character into FG and then convert it into a character, but that does require a lot of extra work getting things formatted fully for a character rather than what would be appropriate for an NPC.

I find these days I'm using HL to create and update my characters to help check their "legality" and figure out derived traits and such but it ends up being FG that I use at the tabletop (yeah, at the actual tabletop, not just for VTT gaming, since I've got a monitor lying flat on our gaming table making it easy to use that for rolls and such and, for one game anyway, even for running combats.) I may be the only one who would care about something like that, but I just had to make the request.

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