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The files with content from most official Paizo books that can be purchased are protected and you won't be able to view the original text files to copy or edit them.

You can make copies of some Paizo content using the Editor in the tools menu, but some things are also protected there and copies won't be saved by the Editor. For those you have to make a new blank entry and manually duplicate all the details/tags/bootstraps/etc yourself based on the protected copy, and then make whatever changes to the new entry that you need.

You need to open an existing .user file or create a new one to save your new editor entries (it's better to create a new file for your own content, or it can get overwritten by updates). The archetypes can be found in the Class tab of the Editor, within the Archetype subtab. New (copy) makes a copy of an existing archetype from any archetype currently loaded in the game data files, and New (blank) makes a new empty entry for you to edit.

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