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Originally Posted by cshadow133 View Post
Grrr. This is strange. If I remove the Con and add +1 Str, it goes down. Or if I just add another +1 Str with the Con still there for attributes.

Pics of what I see.

Edit Addition - If I add and remove anything from the Adjust tab it updates the Str to what it should be. I have adjustments usually on for it being Large (DM uses the rules that your animal companion can grow due to hit dice advancement). That may be conflicting with it, having those on there?
I'm able to reproduce the problem so I'm looking into it. My first instinct is that there might be some weird core issue in play here, but I'll see if I can figure something out.

Update: Yes, this is a core issue. I'll post a bug. In the meantime, you'll need to make necessary adjustments in the adjustment tab to make up the difference.

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