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A new update of the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition files is now available from the automatic updates mechanism within Hero Lab. This update makes the Investigator's Handbook available as an add-on for Call of Cthulhu, adding 88 more occupations, new organizations for your investigator to belong to, and more gear and weapons for the 1920s.

Here's a direct link to the Investigator's Handbook on the purchase site: Investigator's Handbook, or you can use the Purchase Data Package option in the License menu within Hero Lab.

New Releases

  • Investigator's Handbook is now available as a new add-on package!
Enhancements & Changes

  • The occupations from the core rulebook have been updated with the description text and suggested contacts described for those occupations in the Investigator's Handbook.
  • Several items of equipment from the core rulebook have been updated with the more detailed descriptions for those items available in the Investigator's Handbook.
  • An optional "Marks and Scars" section is now available on the Backstory tab.
Data File Authoring

  • Added an Organization tab, to support the Organizations from the Investigator's Handbook.
  • Added the option to add "Suggested Contacts" to occupations.
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