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I'm dropping back to 253 to see if the update scenario works for me there. In reading the revision notes for 254 (and 255) I'm not sure the bug they fixed in 253 affected me in the first place.

I've read in another thread here where reversion fixed the person's issue, so I'll see.

I've wiped the realm DB from %AppData%, uninstalled/reinstalled 253, then clean synced to bring down the realm data.

Setup version notes on my structure export and all 6 of my content exports and am now assembly-lining the exports.

The test plan is:

1. create a new realm with structure
2. import new versions of export files.
3. make an origin change
4. create and then import an updated export file.

Side note: Wouldn't it be awesome if, when importing files, you could point to an export file and RW would show you the content notes *before* you decided to bring it in?

Updates pending...
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