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I'm not like the original poster; the demo of 3.x has me sold already. My concern is with the licensing mechanics, because it reads a little weird to me, and what Rob just stated seems to vary from what is in the FAQ.

Rob said the license works *forever*, just not for new product releases and automatic updates. I can fork out $40 for the program, easily--it's a great product. I can even rationalize paying $12.50 per year after that to keep current with new releases and have the ease of the auto-updater.

But from the way the FAQ reads, if I don't renew my license, then in two years I won't even be able to INSTALL the software I paid for! (As my license will be closed on the server, doesn't this mean I can't install the program to a new machine anymore?) That's different than my license working *forever* and so I'd like some clarification.

I see myself paying the $12.50 anyway every year--it's a great program; but I'm not comfortable with the idea that if I stop paying for this that eventually I can't install it anymore. I bought Office 2000 a long time ago, and as long as I'm content with the features it has, I can keep installing it to my machine as long as I want.
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