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Originally Posted by Benman View Post
On the other hand they are able to give you a key that works for a year so they might be able to give you a tryout-key that enables you to use the tool for 2 weeks. That would be a better solution if you ask me.
This claim that the license only works for a year is not accurate. The license will continue to work *forever*. The only two things that are tied to the license expiration are access to new product releases and the automatic updates mechanism. The reason for this is that we were *not* able to solve the time-limited license problem that would automatically disable itself on a user's computer after X amount of time. We spent a *lot* of time trying to figure out a way to achieve that. Unfortunately, there's just no practical way to do it. There are too many versions of Windows with wildly different ways to bypass any of the mechanisms that can be devised. So the demo mode is the only solution that would reliably work.
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