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Army Builder is really a no brainier...seriously it is.

Ask yourself these questions..

1) Do you play any miniature game that is point based?

2) Is there a Data file for that game(s)?

3) Would you like a rather cheep (monetary value only) piece of software & data files that takes the pain out of making your roster for you?

4) Do you enjoy writing out your list the manual way?

If you answered yes to questions 1, 2, & 3 then Army Builder is for you.

The demo gives you the perfect ability to test out the program and data files for the game(s) available. What it doesn't do is give you a fully functioning product that you can use forever and never have to buy the program.

I sell Army Builder in my store and out of the many many many that I have sold nobody has ever come back and said anything negative about Army Builder. If you play a supported game this product absolutely rocks.

It's worth not buying a DVD this week and buying Army Builder.

You also have to remember that the folks that make Army Builder have absolutely nothing to do with making the data files for whatever game(s) you play. That is done by the community of players that make the data files FREE and on THEIR OWN TIME. Your just paying for the program that makes gameing so much easier.

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