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So, for an evaluation, what can you actually evaluate in Army Builder?

Can I create a whole army list? NO

Can I save a work-in-progress list, so I can add bits and pieces as they occur to me? NO

Can I print out the stub of an army I can make, so that I can at least evaluate the quality and usefulness of the printouts? NO

Can I automatically update my files? Eventually, NO (You get 10 automatic updates, then you have to do it manually)

Am I TOLD about these limitations? NO!!. The splash screen says (and I quote)
While in Demo mode, you will be limited in the number of units that can be added to the roster, as well as a few other limitations.
A FEW other limitations? I am NOT ABLE to evaluate the software due to the overwhelming set of limitations imposed.

Limited number of units? Fine

Not able to save? Extremely annoying, but fine. (Not being able to save means you must have all the units already figured out - on paper or otherwise - unless you want to spend a WHOLE lot of time mucking around in the program to get them right.... EVERY TIME you run the program.

Not able to print out? NOT fine. Sure, you get print preview; how does that help me if I wanted to actually USE the program? Printouts are 50% of what this software is used for, nerfing this makes NO sense.

I will NOT be buying this, as the "unlocked" product may or may not be what I'm after - the Demo version is SO nerfed that I CAN'T evaluate it properly.

Just thought you might want to know why you have lost a potential sale, as most people who think as I do will install and try the demo, then uninstall it without further comment.

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