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Originally Posted by Duggan View Post
Ah, well, in this system, everyone has every skill at the start, just at 0 ranks. There's no such thing as a "Trained skill". The system for Advances is that, at the end of a successful job, every player chooses to either gain a new Skill Specialty, or to advance three different skills (two of which are supposed to be skills that they used) by one point each. Anyhow, because every skill chosen is a Pick on the Advance, I just modified the code so that it excluded any skill that already existed. So, when in the dialog, if you set two of the skill choices to Athletics and Xenobiology, the selection logic for the third one is "Skill.? & !skAthlete & !skXeno". ^_^ It works pretty well.
But you shouldn't have to do it that way ... I don't think. Unless we're talking past each other, which is quite possible. Regardez vous:

    name="Close Quarters Combat"
    description="\n\n{b}Source:{/b} Core Rulebook">
    <fieldval field="trtAbbrev" value="CQC"/>

    <!-- If this skill should be shown as an out-of-combat skill on the TacCon, assign this tag
    <tag group="DashTacCon" tag="NonCombat"/>

    <!-- Specify the attribute to which this skill is linked -->
    <link linkage="attribute" thing="trSta"/>
You see that line that says isunique="yes"? That means that the skill can only be picked one time. It can't be chosen multiple times. That should be all you need to prevent skill duplication.
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