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So I am working with Savage Worlds and Deadlands Reloaded file set and I have a question about mules and horses for characters.

I know you can pull them in as Gear, this seems to work fine. But can I create them as new characters, using the creature setting or add them as Allies? It seems like I should be able too.

Old Bessy as a Creature

When I create "Old Bessy" the mule as a creature it allows me to do so but I get an error in the update window.

"Human: This selection is not allowed (all updated ignored)"

Plus it seems encumbrance works differently? In my Gear section the mule can hold a ton of stuff but as a character, it can not. Maybe encumbrance is not calculated when it is "Gear"?

Old Bessy as an Allie

Well, I read that some people do this way but the only race option I get is not sure if I am missing something here. It seems this makes the most sense me but it it does not seem to work

I would appreciate any guidance given
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