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I have a set of campaign traits for an upcoming game I'm running which I'm coding into Hero Lab for my players.

Each trait grants a class skill and a free point in that skill each level.

I'm happy with quick and dirty, so I can get around this by bootstrapping the Human Skilled Racial Trait and just saying "add the skill point yourself", but before I resort to that, I figured I'd at least have a stab at making it work properly.

hero.child[skSurvival].field[skRanks].value = #totallevelcount[]

Seems to work to cosmetically set the skill to the appropriate level, but it doesn't actually seem to do the appropriate maths etc.

It looks to me like I need to change skUser not skRanks (or possibly both), but I seem to not be allowed to mess with skUser.

Is there a way to do what I want?

Should I be doing it a totally different way?
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