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That part is already working. I have a fully coded weapon focus that allows you to select a weapon group instead of a specific weapon. I've used a *Preclude rule to suppress the standard weapon focus when the World is Square rules are active.

The preclude rule, however, poses a problem in cases where an archetype grants weapon focus as a bonus feat. For example, the Kapenia Dancer archetype of the Magus class gives you Weapon Focus (bladed scarf) at level 1. Because the standard weapon focus has been precluded, characters with that archetype do not receive the bonus feat they are entitled to.

In order to correct that, I'm using a Mechanic that checks for the appropriate archetype tags and bootstraps the modified weapon focus feat instead. For example, a Kapenia Dancer would get Weapon Focus (Flails) instead of (bladed scarf) because a bladed scarf is in the flails weapon group.

That's where it breaks down. I can bootstrap my feat to the archetype just fine, but so far I haven't been able to pre-select flails. It always bootstraps the base feat with no group selected, when I need it to grant it with one specific group already set.

The original weapon focus solves this by tagging the feat with Target.Whatever when it is bootstrapped, and then its eval script uses that instead of usrChosen1 to determine the selection. I'm trying to do the same. My code is at home, I'll post it after work.

On a final note, this missive is probably the longest thing I've ever typed on my phone. Not a fan of tapping away on a teeny screen for long compositions!
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