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I sat down tonight to start looking at some revisions to these. Here's my to-do list.

[ ] Give Unarmed Combatant to Monks, Unchained Monks, and Brawlers
[ ] Make Weapon Focus require BAB at +1
[ ] Investigate the possibility of turning on and off individual feats
[X] Make Weapon Focus work for animal companions
[ ] Figure out Mythic Improved Critical issues, which are super weird

I also thought I would go looking for archetypes and other abilities that might need to be modified. For example, a Ranger with the two-handed combat style can still select Power Attack as a bonus feat even though it's already been supplied by WiS. Similarly, a Feral Child Druid is supposed to Improved Unarmed Strike, which should be converted to Unarmed Combatant.

I made it through every option listed for the core classes on d20pfsrd. That includes: Barbarian rage powers, Cleric domains and subdomains, Ranger combat styles, Rogue talents, Sorcerer bloodlines, Wizard schools, and all archetypes for all core classes.

At that point my list was 82 items long, and I know for a fact I missed several because I overlooked Deadly Aim and Improved Steal early in the process.

... yeah, I think I'm going to fix those when somebody complains about them. I don't really want to go through and rewrite a major chunk of the entire Pathfinder system.

So I'll work on this shorter list, probably tomorrow night. I already added Helper.AnimCompOK to Weapon Focus, so it works for animal companions now. (Note: I haven't pushed out an update yet, I'll do that once the above checklist is done.)
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