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Originally Posted by Duggan View Post
Heh. I've got over a decade in C#, Java, and a number of other languages, and several years maintaining Mutants & Masterminds files. I'm just hitting a lot of walls on this one. I think I've been spoiled by fully-featured IDEs and comprehensive documentation.
I had to learn most of this with a combination of brute force, documentation, and experience in coding algorithms. This is far easier than building matrix algorithms to solve ordinary differential equations via numeric methods. I found there is plenty of XML documentation out there for basic XML stuff. Once you get to the structure of XML it isn't so bad.


Please do not PM me to inquire about datafiles I coded "for personal use" such as Exalted, World of Darkness, AD&D, or Warhammer 40K Roleplaying. I appreciate your interest, but I do not own the Intellectual Property rights to these game systems. Nor do I have permission from any of the Publishers to distribute the data files. As such, I cannot distribute the work I have done with community on these files. They are "for personal use" only. Thank you.

I am far too busy these days to answer emails. If you message me here there is no guarantee I will get back to you at all.
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