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Release v1.1 - 11/08/2010

Enhancements & Changes
  1. Draconomicon - Feats: All feats added, changed Source tag, ready for use.(Lawful_G)
  2. Book of Exalted Deeds - PrC: Slayer of Domiel added.(Crawler_otn)
  3. Complete Adventurer - PrC: Bloodhound added.(chiefweasel)
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed duplicate Psi Powers from Complete Psionics and Races of the wild.(sendric)
  2. Complete Adventure - feats: Updated Obscure Lore for new Lore ability, also changed pre-req.(Lawful_G)
  3. Complete Arcane: Draconic feats were giving errors if their prereq (Draconic Legacy or Sorcerer Levels) was missing, changed to childfound to fix.(Lawful_G)
  4. Found more missing Source marked Things(RoS - Feats; RoA - Feats; RotW - Feats; DoK - Feats; RoA - Races), these all updated to be marked to the correct book.(ShadowChemosh)
Data File Authoring
  1. Made a single Lore ability for all future things to add to.(Lawful_G)
  2. Added User Tag for breath weapon to each race.(Lawful_G)
  3. Changed Pre-req of Strafing Breath/Flyby Breath to look for User Tag.(Lawful_G)
  4. Added replacement Dragon Disciple Breath Weapon class ability which applies User.BreathWeap tag.(Lawful_G)
  5. Same for Half Dragon Template Dragon Breath ability.(Lawful_G)
  6. Added replacement for Burrowing and Flying ability that separates out the timings (for purpose of applying modifiers)(Lawful_G)
  7. Added integrated Lore ability for all to add to.(Lawful_G)

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