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So I think I have enough for an update. Here are my notes on what I did today.

v 1.1 changes
File updates since last time.

MM - Dragons
Added User Tag for breath weapon to each race.

Complete Arcane Compile
Draconic feats were giving errors if their prereq (Draconic Legacy or Sorcerer Levels) was missing, changed to childfound to fix
Added User tag for Breath Weapon to Draconic Breath

DLCS - Feats
Added User Tag for Breath Weapon to Draconian Breath Weapon feats.
Changed Pre-req of Strafing Breath/Flyby Breath to look for User Tag

Custom - Core Book Mods
Added replacement Dragon Disciple Breath Weapon class ability which applies User.BreathWeap tag.
Same for Half Dragon Template Dragon Breath ability.
Added replacement for Burrowing and Flying ability that seperates out the timings (for purpose of applying modifiers)
Added integrated Lore ability for all to add to.

Draconomicon - Feats
Finished all feats, changed Source tag, ready to incorporate.

CAdv feats
Updated Obscure Lore for new Lore ability, also changed pre-req

Do I send the updated files to Chiefweasel since it is his website? I also have the Slayer of Domiel prestige class crawler made. I've fixed one error and added a bit of polish, but congrats to him for his hard work.
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